Circular solutions for rubber, plastic, and petrochemical supply chains

1.5 billion tires are discarded annually
We give tires a new life


Tires as a resource


We take end-of-life tires destined for landfills, or worse, and give the raw materials new life.

Bolder Industries' commercially-tested and proven process enables us to recover materials used in tire production and manufacture countless new, valuable outputs. Executed in the most sustainable fashion in the world, our process uses 90% less CO2, H2O, and energy than traditional methods.


How we do it

We make sustainable plastic & rubber a reality.

Bolder Industries pioneered the conversion of end-of-life tires into sustainable carbon black alternatives and petrochemicals that deliver significant environmental savings. Our facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and our products are ISCC PLUS certified as circular raw materials. We produce BolderBlack, BolderOil, BolderSteel, and energy in a 24/7 facility using our proprietary and continuous process. The Bledsoe Innovation Group collaborates with our customers to develop custom BolderBlack formulations that meet the requirements of specific applications. Our products have set the standard in the industry, have been vetted by major global brands, and are currently used in new tires, automotive parts, construction materials, consumer goods, apparel, petrochemical products, and more.

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Small Change. Big Impact.


When compared to the manufacturing of virgin carbon black, BolderBlack uses:

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Sustainability is an action.
Not a buzzword.

  • Manufacturing tires uses a tremendous amount of petroleum and carbon black, non-renewable resources

  • 1.5 billion end-of-life tires are landfilled annually across the globe, and recycling rates have been declining since 2013

  • Take a look around you. All of the black plastic and rubber in your life is made from petroleum and carbon black

  • All of these things could be made more environmentally friendly right now by swapping a percentage of carbon black for BolderBlack

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One elegant process and solution

After years in R&D, we perfected a carbon black alternative named BolderBlack that replaces petroleum-derived carbon black as a rubber reinforcing agent and a black pigment in plastics.

BolderBlack is produced from 100% post-consumer or post-industrial tires and rubber scrap in our own plants.


We set out to divert waste from landfills, reduce water & power consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and create local jobs.

Now, we’ve fully commercialized our first waste-stream of tires proving that the thoughtful re-use of valuable materials works.

Our vision is now a reality.



What our customers and partners are saying


"To be able to take something as notoriously synonymous with pollution as an old tire, and repurpose it into literally hundreds of different useful products is an incredible achievement by Bolder Industries. We at Tauber Oil are delighted to have a hand in bringing to market products from our industry such as carbon black feedstock that not only reduce production emissions and natural resource use, but keep millions of tires out of landfills every year."

— David Tauber, Sr., Chairman of Tauber Oil

“Adding Bolder Industries' expertise to ours so we could successfully compound a consistent product using BolderBlack rCB was the gateway customers were looking for. Both BolderBlack and Elite Elastomers initiatives bring the U.S. rubber market design options that were never before available."

- Ginger Glidewell, Elite Elastomers Inc. 

“This is exactly the next step we’ve been looking for.”
- Patagonia


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