Flagship product

If your product, or a product you use, is black plastic or rubber, it can be more sustainable. Now. BolderBlack can be used in nearly anything manufactured with carbon black. Contact a Bolder Industries compounding expert today to learn more.

BolderBlack U.S. Patent No. 11,441,038


BolderBlack is a carbon black alternative that replaces petroleum-derived carbon black as a rubber reinforcing agent and a black pigment in plastics. We produce BolderBlack from 100% post-consumer or post-industrial tires and rubber scrap.

Production of BolderBlack uses 90%+ less water and emits 90%+ fewer greenhouse gasses than traditional carbon black. Bolder Industries has a team of dedicated technical specialists at The Bledsoe Innovation Group ready to help incorporate BolderBlack into your rubber and plastic products with ease.


Technical details


BolderBlack is an environmentally responsible alternative to virgin carbon black (vCB) derived from end-of-life tires. BolderBlack performs similarly to certain ASTM reference grades of vCB but has unique physical properties and performance characteristics. Independent testing has been conducted to compare N300, N500, N600, and N700 vCB grades with BolderBlack in common compounds in order to facilitate understanding of BolderBlack’s performance characteristics and its application in rubber compounds.


The results show that BolderBlack reinforces rubber like N600-700 series virgin carbon blacks. It has also successfully replaced N300 and N500 series carbon blacks and is in over 300 products today.


BolderBlack is shipped milled and pelletized for easy incorporation into manufacturing processes.

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